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Why Cape Spritz? 

An iconic city deserves an iconic drink. Meet Cape Spritz - the peach-infused wine spritzer, inspired by the most beautiful city in the world. Our sparkling rosé spritzer is delicious, low in sugar, and the perfect refreshing drink for any occasion.


Where can I buy Cape Spritz? 

Cape Spritz is available from selected Spar Tops, PnP Family, Liquor City & Makro stores as well as online at Takealot.com.


How do I drink Cape Spritz? 

Enjoy your Cape Spritz over ice in your favourite chilled glass with a sea salt rim, or use a reusable straw and drink your Cape Spritz ice cold straight from the can. 


What is a Spritzer?

A spritzer is a tall, chilled drink, usually made with wine and sparkling water. We've added a little peach extract, creating a unique, ultra-refreshing drink ;)


Is it really low in sugar?

Yes, indeed. Cape Spritz is a low sugar rosé wine spritzer that only contains 1.7g of sugar per 100ml.

Most of the sweetness comes from natural sugars in the wine.


How many calories are in Cape Spritz?

Cape Spritz is a low calorie rosé wine spritzer that only contains 36 calories per 100ml. If you love delicious low calorie cocktails, Cape spritz is for you!


Is it Gluten-Free? 



How do I stock Cape Spritz for my store/restaurant/venue?

We would love to chat! Contact us here.


Do you ship internationally? 

We are currently searching for import/distribution partners in Europe, the UK, and the USA. If this is you, please contact us here.